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Breakbulk Terminal Ltd has in place an efficient safe system of work to protect the health of all it's employees and the surrounding environment. We understand the importance of safety in handling chemicals and it's environmental impact. We therefore conduct our work in the highest possible standard of health and safety and as required by law and policies of the Port of Mombasa. The company further recognizes the assessment and management of the environmental and social impacts and risks associated with our operations is also a fundamental aspect of our relationship with core stakeholders including project-affected communities, civil society and government.

The Management is fully aware of the responsibility required for Health and Safety and we commit to ensure adequate resources for policies and compliance of this important facet of the Company's responsibility.

We deal with different types of dry and liquid fertilizers and through dedication and compliance, we have Zero accidents or safety issues from the time we started operation.


Zero Accidents

Health, safety, environment, and service quality are core values for Breakbulk Terminal. Our objective is to meet or exceed the expectations of regulators, customers, and our own internal standards. Beyond compliance, we are committed to continuous improvement across all these critical business areas. Our leadership commitment, robust management system, and the competencies and commitment of our people are core elements of our success and provide the foundation of our journey.

At Breakbulk, solving customer challenges is second only to keeping everyone safe and healthy, we don’t compromise our focus on HSE for better business results.

Our commitment to safety minimizes environment impacts, control risks to our employees, and maintain safe work practices. We put policies and procedures in place to make sure that adherence to proper safety practices is a 24/7 commitment on everyone’s part:

  • Equipment certification and service compliance check on a daily basis
  • Risk assessment on all new employees
  • Ensure all employees have Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Weekly HSE meetings on improvements and compliance.


It is the policy of Breakbulk Terminal to protect its own and its client’s people, property, goods in transit, technical integrity, information and reputation against security threats and risks arising from its operations. The following are some measures which have been put in place to support a rigorous approach to security and risk management:

  • Daily inspection for our terminal facilities & Assessment of all machines for safety and usability.
  • 24/7 guarded company offices and terminal perimeter by reputable security company.
  • Facilities secured with alarm and CCTV surveillance.


We are committed to providing high quality services to our customers. We operate in an ethical manner treating customers, employees and suppliers with respect and giving them full confidence of our services and expertise. This guide sets out key aspects of our services and explains our strategy for achieving our services aims including;

  • Customer experience, complaints and communication
  • Appointments
  • SAfety
  • Environment
  • Quality

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