Dry Bulk Fertilizer Handling

Dry Bulk Grain & Fertilizer handling services form a central operation in Breakbulk Terminal’s regional logistics network.

Our company has the required experience and expertise in handling this type of cargo. The fertilizer terminal facilities contain mechanized warehouses, corrosion free storage tanks, railcars discharging stations with different capacities, stationed galleries, loaders and mobile loaders.

We work for several large fertilizer producers and traders, distributing their products all over the East Africa and beyond.

You can benefit from a modern grain and fertilizer terminal with large storage capacity which can be used for bulk, big bags and pallets. We enjoy easier accessibility to road, rail and waterways.

We are reputable firm that provides high standard services while taking care of environmental pollution and abide by its policies.

Bulk Storage Terminal

The storage terminal has a spacious bagged storage shed, underground corrosion free storage tanks and a weighbridge. With our state-of-the-art terminal, we offer significant quay-side capacity in both covered warehouses and open space storage.

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